Daikichi expands operations to Chatan

The new Daikichi precious metals and jewelry purchasing shop is located in Chatan, just behind the Toyota dealership on Hwy 58.

Selling Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Platinum and any metal has never been easier, as a mainland Japanese company, Daikichi, has opened a second branch store in Okinawa.

Daikichi clerks are able to speak English, and ready to help customers to set the right price to their valuables.

Daikichi has just opened a purchasing shop in Chatan near Camps Foster and Lester. The Chatan branch is more comfortable and convenient for many customers who live away from Goya, near Kadena Air Base, where Daikichi opened a shop earlier in the year.  In Chatan, customers can relax on a sofa enjoying free soft drink service while efficient technicians are examining their jewelry and other products. There’s also a TV, and a selection of magazines at customers’ disposal.

The time to sell precious metals is right now!  Diamonds are in great demand, and Daikichi offers free estimates.  Toys and collectable items are also being sought by the purchasing department at Daikichi.  Once Daikichi purchases gold, silver, diamonds and the like, the sale is final.

Customers’ waiting area is comfortable, and soft drinks are on the house.

Yuna Ishigaki, The branch manager of the new Chatan store, says that if people have metals that they have no use for, “please sell to us and we guarantee we buy at the highest price in Okinawa. Sometimes you need money immediately here in Okinawa, and you can get extra money with selling your items.”  She says they’ll “buy and give you cash on the spot. its easy. Just estimation is always welcome, and please feel free to stop by. “

How can Daikichi purchase with high prices? The answer is that they are franchise shops in Japan. That’s why the main Daikichi offices take items from each franchise shop once a month, and each shop feels safe it doesn’t need to sell items locally. It makes for low cost and low labor fees, because there’s no need for large display showrooms. That’s the reason they can purchase items at higher prices than other shops.

There are English speaking staff on duty at the Daikichi Chatan branch. Of course Daikichi doesn’t take fake or illegal items, but sometimes people don’t know if their own items are genuine or not. People are encouraged to bring items in only for valuation, and Daikichi will let customers know whether the items are genuine or fake. Valuations are made using special machines, and it takes just a couple of minutes.

For precious materials, they say they can recognize a material almost 98% of the time. Gold is most rapidly valued metal in the world, and a lot of customers are bringing in gold to Daikichi. Most are surprised at the price being paid.

Daikichi Chatan Branch is located at 1-4-1, Mihama Chatan town, just behind the Okinawa Toyota Chatan branch.  The store is open 10 a.m. – 7 p.m. every day, Free calls to the store are at 0120-172-956, and people are welcome to email at Chatan@kaitori-daikichi.jp. A map to find the store is at  http://goo.gl/maps/1LHjy.

17:46 21 Apr , 2024