Hagoromo Elementary School to open next spring

The construction work is going on in Oyama, Ginowan, to make a new pre- and elementary school. The new school, named Hagoromo Elementary School, is scheduled to open at the beginning of the new school year in April 2014.

Oyama Elementary School in Ginowan, established on 1946. had more than thousand students In the late 70s it . As the population of the area kept on growing, plans for making a second school began in 2009 and after 12 years, the construction started. Children from Oyama, Mashiki and Uchidomari will be within the school district to attend the Hagoromo Elementary School. The school will consist of 19 classrooms for 659 students.

Oyama Elementary School will copntinue as is even after the new school opens.

On the 4th and 5th of this month there were the first briefings for parents whose children would attend the new school, and according to Ginowan Board of Education, more briefings are planned. “We will hold as many briefings as is necessary to fully inform all parents who live in the district and whose children would attend the new school,” a board spokesperson said.

15:07 04 Mar , 2024