Onna Village to get FIFA approved artificial grass field

Water drains slowly from sports fields after rain, and there are many times that games are canceled due to bad weather.

Onna Village has now plans in place to construct their first all-weather field built to world soccer body FIFA standards to accommodate soccer, baseball and softball games. The cost of covering the ball field with an artificial waterproof surface will be 8.6 million yen. According to the village’s planning division, by changing the field to artificial grass, there will be no more problems with water after rain as was the case with the natural grass, and sports events will not depend on the weather.

The field with artificial grass cover will be 150 meters long and 68 meters wide. The area will be capable of seating up to 850 people and there will be roof over the gallery.

“Hopefully by making more workout facilities, it will encourage the citizens to take better care of their health,” says a member of the staff at the planning division.

01:26 21 May , 2024