Rescuing couple from ocean nets Itoman man award

Urasoe Police presented a certificate of appreciation, Aug. 28, to Hitoshi Akamine from Itoman City, for rescuing a couple who was drowning off Naha Kita Marina a day earlier.

According to Urasoe Police, Akamine heard the couple’s cries for help about midnight, Aug. 27, while fishing from a breakwater off the marina.  He went to investigate and discovered the couple in distress in the ocean.

The man managed to swim ashore, but Akamine used his fishing net that he threw at the woman to pull her into a boat that was moored at the breakwater. The couple was not harmed by their ordeal, and refused to seek medical help after they were rescued.

Upon handing the award to Akamine, Urasoe Police stated that they appreciated his quick thinking that helped to rescue the couple, who were in danger of drowning.

Akamine expressed surprise at receiving the official award, saying “I just did what anyone would do in such a situation. Although I hope that there wouldn’t be this kind of accidents in the future, I would naturally do the same thing in the future, too.”

22:52 24 Jun , 2024