Special discount tickets for Golden Kings games by riding Yuirail

The Ryukyu Golden Kings and Okinawa Monorail Co. announced a collaboration effort offering special discount tickets for fans coming to see next week’s matches against Korean pro-basketball team Goyang Orions at Okinawa Prefecture Budokan in Onoyama Park, Naha City, across from Naha Military Port.

Those who come to watch the Sep. 25 and 26 matches using the monorail are offered half price tickets for the 2nd floor non-reserved seating. Thus such tickets for the match will cost ¥1,000 instead of the normal rice of ¥2,000, and for kids ¥500 instead of ¥1,000.

Also, the Kings invites the first 300 male fans who are in their 40s top see the match on both days for free. “These games are played on weekday evenings, and the team wants to offer its middle-age fans an opportunity to enjoy the game after work,” says team’s new Head Coach Tsutomu Isa. The new team captain Shigeyuki Kinjo added that “We will play two exciting games that could relieve stress of middle aged salary men who work so hard every day.” The matches, on Wed. and Thu. against Goyang Orions start at 19:00 on both days.

To get the discount, visitors must show their Yui-rail tickets with the day’s date, including a one day pass or season ticket at the counter at the Golden Kings’ ticket booth.

14:23 10 Dec , 2023