Three Ginowan junior high school baseball players in World Championship team

The Japanese team won the Baseball World Championship Pony League series on Aug. 14 in Washington, VA. Three players of the team are from Ginowan City.

The ace of the team Yuma Tamanaha is from Kakazu Junior High School, who said with a smile, “Most players were bigger than us, but we didn’t give up and gave it our best.” The team captain from Ginowan Junior High School, Keiya Kinjo, having firsthand knowledge of the big leagues said, “Players form around the world had an enormous power but we prevailed..”

The team united as one and got the first place. Takato Nakamoto from Futenma Junior High School added, “It was fun to exchange culture and language as well.”

Ginowan Mayor Atsushi Sakima commented, “I am very proud that three youngsters from our city are in the championship team. I hope they continue to have similar success in their future.”

21:59 27 Feb , 2024