Oct. 17 ~ 23


You have plenty of stubborn energy this week, and you are determined to finish what you have started. You can expect others to give you a helping hand as they too are impressed by your determination. But you should try to relax a bit over the weekend and enjoy yourself, too. You don’t have to prove that you can be on top of your game all the time.


You should consider a little more what kind of impression you have of yourself. You have had this tendency to take the others’ impression of you as granted, but now you should realize who you rally are. You can push your own needs to backburner for some time, but such a situation can’t continue forever. Sooner or later you have to face reality.


Sometimes people around you can be very frustrating. You should not wait for them to act, but take charge of business yourself. You should also concentrate on your health that you have not paid enough attention to lately. That is doubly important as you are going to face some demanding tasks in the near future that will require plenty of stamina.


Communication within social media saves you time and trouble, and allows you better concentrate on an important task at hand. You know what you want, but it is very likely that you have to work to reach your goal. People say that love invents ways to work, but that does not necessarily happen on a moment’s notice. Patience is also needed.


This time you feel calmer and more at peace than for some time. Your attitude and behavior is quickly changing for the better, as less noise and chaos guarantee better results. Making you life simpler works! Let those close to you give a helping hand, even if you don’t need any particular help just now. That makes them feel better, and improves your relationships.


Do you feel that you have too much to do and too little time to accomplish everything. Try to take it easier, so you don’t run out of energy. Sometimes other people have trouble to figure out your moods, as one moment you want to clown around, and the next you take everything very seriously. You have to decide, which impression you want to make in each situation.


It is OK to make compromises as long as you don’t go into extremes. After all, you have your own needs, and you also have your heath to take care of. Do something that calms you down and helps you relax both in body and soul. This weekend you can expect to enjoy good company of a very positive individual, whose opinions and wisdom you greatly appreciate.


At first, and maybe all the way through the weekend everything seems to be solid and routine, but it’s all going to change pretty soon, and you’ll find that the life is exciting again. This is the time of your life that you will remember for a long time. And why? Because you are completely fed up with your dull life and finally ready to do something about it.


Do not take too many things to yourself to take care of. Instead, you should slow down, organize and delegate. Your love life is going to be the focus this weekend, and you are expected to make an important decision. If you want to postpone that decision, you have to steer clear of this subject discussion completely. But you have to plan your next move anyway.


Try to be in friendly mood and avoid irritating others. Certain grumpiness and frustration can result from some kind of disappointment in romance, but remember that no one wants to be in the company of a sour face. A day of energetic and physically demanding activity could be just the right medicine to change your mood and attitude to the right direction.


Some people could be jealous because of your good fortunes. You have to think carefully who your real friends are, and then keep their company as much as you can. Even if you feel positive of a new friend, give yourself time to learn to know this person better as often all is not what it seems to be. Be optimistic and prepare for a romantic weekend.


The next few days do not seem to be the easiest of the year. If you have not organized your schedule carefully, there could be some unfortunate problems ahead. In order to stay current, you can’t waste any time, but start working on solutions immediately. There is plenty of negative advice coming to your way that you should simply ignore.

17:05 17 Apr , 2024