New town mascot star at Haebaru festival

New Haebaru Town mascot “Haerun.

The 1st Haerun Festival 2013 is coming up Sunday, a brand new festival being sponsored by Haebaru Town in honor of its imaginary character ‘Haerun’.

Haerun was ‘born’ in April as a figment of Haebaru Town’s imagination.  Since then, it’s been the leader in a good many events and activities promoting and representing Haebaru Town.  Now, the 1st Haerun Festival, a free festival open to all of Okinawa, takes place 10 a.m. ~ 8 p.m. Sunday at the Haebaru Town Square, next to Town Hall.

Organizers are inviting characters and mascots from other cities and towns to join in, and to participate in the festival, which includes sports activities with the audience.  They say everyone needs to get to know Okinawa’s mascots and characters.

Music and dance performances by Haebaru residents are part of this festival, and there will be opportunities for visitors to take pictures with the different characters and mascots.

07:57 17 Apr , 2024