Kouri Ocean Tower to open this month

Nago Pineapple Park is currently building a tourist complex called “Kouri Ocean Tower” on Kouri Island.

Nago Pineapple Park President Kiyoshi Asato announced Wednesday that the tower will open to public on Nov. 23rd. The structure is 82 meters above the sea level while the tower itself is 36-meter high. From the observation deck of the tower visitors will be able to have a magnificent view of the Kouri Bridge and the small islands of Haneji Bay.

According to the Okinawa Convention Bureau the tower will be the first sightseeing tower in Okinawa that charges an entry fee. The entry for adults costs \800, for junior and high school students \600, and ¥300 for elementary students. Children under six are free.

Apart from the tower there will be restaurants serving dishes prepared with Okinawa produced vegetables, a gift shop, a shell museum and a lily garden. The parking area has space for 130 cars and 15 buses.

06:44 01 Mar , 2024