Mother drowns, son survives fall into sea in Ginowan Marina

A woman drowned, and her son survived as both accidentally fell into water in Ginowan Marina, Saturday afternoon.

According to Ginowan Police, the 8-year-old son was playing on the boat launching slip when he slipped and fell into water. His 44-year-old mother, Ayako Taira, tried to come to his rescue, but fell into water herself. The boy’s father, who had been further on the shore, rushed into the ocean and managed to rescue his son, but was not able to locate the mother who had sunk to the bottom.

A rescue crew that had rushed to the scene found Taira about 40 minutes later, and she was taken to a hospital in cardiopulmonary arrest. Attempts to revive her were not successful and she was pronounced dead about 30 minutes later.

The son suffered no injuries.

01:11 28 Feb , 2024