Motobu celebrates Okinawa Soba Day with free bowls of soba

Tomorrow, Oct. 17, is the Okinawa Soba Day. Motobu Town’s “Let’s Eat Motobu’s Soba” club announced they will hold an event named “Welcome to the city of Okinawa soba, Motobu”.

The event will take place at the former Motobu Kenken Elementary School premises. The event will take place today from 12pm to 2pm, during which the first 100 customers will receive a half-size bowl of soba for free. A rally with prizes such as gift and discount coupons useable at other Motobu restaurants is also planned.

Soba club President Makoto Higa, and a member of the club, Kentaro Makida, said, “We hope this event creates an opportunity for more people to visit Motobu, and, of course, to eat our delicious soba, and also to experience the beautiful scenery Motobu has to offer.”

06:17 01 Mar , 2024