Taxi rollover accident kills two

A large-size taxicab owned by Kokuwa Dai-Ichi Jumbo Taxi Co. crashed into the guardrail on the Okinawa Expressway while approaching the toll booth in Kyoda, Nago City, rolled over and finally landed upside down next to the toll booth, Friday afternoon. The taxi had the driver and three passengers in it, and two were fatally hurt.

The 66-year old driver of the taxi, Seiko Morine from Onaga, Tomigusuku, and passenger Tomoki Okuhira, a Coca-Cola office worker from Setagaya, Tokyo, died in the accident. Another passenger fractured his right arm and the third passenger had his right leg cut off from the knee.

Okinawa Prefecture Police are looking into the cause of the accident.

03:42 27 Feb , 2024