Nov. 28 ~ Dec 4


Anything that has to do with money and housekeeping should be the focus at this time. You have a good chance to discover good gift ideas for Christmas, but you should remember that smaller and more thoughtful presents are a better idea than grandiose gestures. It would be a good idea to shop together with your partner as that would bring you closer together and deepen your relationship.


You should think what you have achieved over the past six months. This would give you an idea how to relate to the end of the year and everything that the holiday season brings with it. After that, it’s easy to start from a clean slate. In regards of your most intimate relationship you may be considering lifting it to a higher level, but if you are not 100 percent sure, better to wait a little.


You could hear news over the weekend that you have waited for a long time. This could have something to do with your job and upcoming changes. Taking a flexible stance proves your colleagues that you are easy to work with. Take into consideration your older relatives when you plan the upcoming holidays. Remember that one of these days you will be one of them.


Like it was a few weeks ago, you may have to make some concessions regarding your colleagues or even your life partner. It is very possible that they are wrestling with problems that require either help or at least understanding. The best thing to do is to make time to listen to them. Anything you can help will be rewarded later many times over.


You can expect some romantic moment this weekend that will bring joy and inspiration into your life. However, everything has its price, and you may have to make some compromises in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly. The coming new year could bring new circumstances into your life that will affect you expectations and attitude, and also what you expect from the others.


Do you feel restless? Maybe something that can get your thoughts off from everyday routines could be a good idea. Try to find more time to your friends. Perhaps you should invite a group of them to a gathering, but you must pay close attention to who you invite in order to avoid friction. At this time some unusual and out of ordinary characters could respond well to your ideas.


Your desire to seek the companion of only your best friends and closest family could be a sign that you lack self-confidence. You should face your fears squarely and take the responsibility of your own life. Unexpected straight talk from your part could surprise many of your friends, but you should not pay too much attention as that forces them to take you for real.


Impatient people are making you nervous, and there are many projects that you would like to proceed with more caution. It is OK to take care of your business the way you want, but you must also be sympathetic to the ideas of others. If they want your input bad enough, hey will wait for your decisions regarding the next moves. If not, they are not worth paying too much attention in the first pace.


You have to pay attention to certain money matters as they are in need of re-organizing. Someone is going to give you advice with his or her best intentions, but you should double-check before you start implementing them. It could be difficult, if your friend avoids answering your questions, and maybe the matter is not so clear to your friend, either, or there is something to hide.


Being in the limelight can feel like heavy burden to carry. If you would like to have more peaceful life that could be possible, but you have to consider what possibilities you would lose. Taking a couple of days off in your own company could just be the trick that gives you the answers you need. But make sure you retire to somewhere that no one can reach you without an extraordinary good reason.


The next few days could feel kind of dull, but luckily someone is going to come up with a good idea. But before expressing your honest opinion on this idea you should make sure you understand all the details. If you are looking for a romance, this period could have a surprise for you. It might not be of everlasting quality, but what’s wrong with a little refreshing flirting once in a while.


Do you have any idea how your colleagues view you? Would you like to know? Make a test by proposing something that is completely outlandish and shocking. If they don’t get your point that shows you that you probably have had a way too serious attitude. Easing up a little would make it easier for them to open up to you and bring up their opinions and ideas for consideration.

06:33 17 Apr , 2024