And this week’s winner is…

David Parks was the lucky winner of JU weekly raffle. He won a pair of tickets to IO Chamber Orchestra concert. IO is a chamber orchestra organized from members of the Ryukyu Philharmonic Orchestra in order to widen the scope of Okinawan music scene. The chamber orchestra is also said to have a specially “warm” sound in their music due to Okinawan original cultural heritage.

David is from Kansas City, MO, which he claims is “the best city in the world!” He has live on Okinawa 10 months and expects to stay through the end of 2014. But, he assures everyone that “The life here is Great! There’s even a vending machine every 20 feet on the streets.”

He says that his favorite food here is sushi, although he is sure that he does not like that from above mentioned vending machines. “Haven’t found one yet that offers it, though,” he confesses.

His other love in Okinawa is sanshin, or “Okinawan banjo” as h calls it. “I love the Okinawan banjo music! Any instrument played in robes is OK with me,” he explains.

His future plans include a visit to Tokyo. “I plan to visit Tokyo next spring, where I am looking forward to going to the robot bar, and seeing plenty of cool architecture,” he says.

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10:44 23 Jun , 2024