And this week’s winner is…

The winner of this week’s JU raffle is Diane Reyes, who will enjoy this weekend’s Ryukyu Golden Kings bj-League basketball game when they face Shimane Susanoo Magic at Ginowan City Gym.

Diane is from California and has live on Okinawa five years. But now she’s looking forward to moving on to new surroundings when she leaves the island Apr. 1 next year.

She says her life here has been nothing short of great, and she has enjoyed every day of it. “I have no regrets except maybe I’m a little worried that I in the next place where I will live, can’t find my favorite food, which is Okinawa soba. That has become my favorite during my stay here,” she says.

When asked about her opinion of Okinawa’s good point, she does not hesitate. “Okinawa is tropical and people are nice! What more you could wish for,” se laughs.

Her only regret is that she has had not enough time to visit historical places of interest elsewhere in Japan. “But I hope some day in the future I can do just that,” she says.

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11:31 23 Jun , 2024