Busena Hotel caught for mislabeling

Scandals involving top class hotels and restaurants using cheaper ingredients than what the menu states have recently rocked the whole nation, and it seems Okinawa has not escaped the controversy either.

The Terrace Hotels in Naha City announced Monday that one of the restaurants in The Busena Terrace Hotel and Resort was found to have mislabeled an item on their menu. According to Terrace Hotels spokesman a dish on the menu of Chinese restaurant Ryukasaien was served with different ingredients than listed. Three of the dishes on the menu were listed as using Japanese tiger prawns, when it was in fact black tiger prawns that were served.

A hotel spokesman said, “This was not an action done to cheat our customers. It was a honest mistake by our chef, and miscommunication in the work place.”

The hotel will hand out dinner tickets valued at the price of the dish to those who ate a tiger prawn meal at the hotel between Dec. 1st, 2012 ~ Nov. 1st, 2013.

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