Cartoon characters join Mr. Donut for Christmas

Snoopy and Woodstock will be on sale at Mr. Donuts shops fro Wednesday.

Santa Claus is coming to town in only 49 days, but Snoopy and Woodstock are already in the festive mood, celebrating the upcoming holiday season at Mr. Donut.

Mister Donut, who only a few weeks ago was rolling out Hello Kitty jack-o-lantern doughnuts to celebrate Halloween, is hard at work making Snoopy and his ‘lil buddy Woodstock the most popular characters in Okinawa this year.  The two are part of seven Christmas-themed goodies that are being offered across Okinawa and mainland Japan beginning this week.

Mr. Donut shops are getting into holiday spirit by introducing a seasonal series of cartoon character sweets.

Mister Donut, or Misdo in Japan for short, will be offering the Snoopy doughnut, a soft, fluffy yeast-dough doughnut filled with whipped cream, and coated in white chocolate detailed with chocolate bits to form Snoopy’s face, for ¥157.  Woodstock, which also will sell for ¥157, is the same cream-filled doughnut, but this one coated in yellow lemon-chocolate, complete with chocolate to form the bird’s face.

A Chocolate tree will go for ¥188, a cake-doughnut ball stacked on top of a cake-doughnut ring to form the main body of the tree, topped with whipped cream, chocolate, almonds and white chocolate decoration.  A Berry Tree is to sell for ¥188, and varieties of Pon de Wreath will go for ¥147. Those signature Pon de Ring donuts will be available each decorated with differently flavored chocolate stripes and colored sugar toppings.

Mister Donut is taking the holiday season beyond mere doughnuts, offering limited-edition Snoopy and Woodstock pair bowls and plates, available with the Misdo Snoopy Christmas Sets going at ¥1,050 per set.

At the same time, the doughnut shop’s bite-sized doughnut series, Misdo Bits, will also be revamped to feature the Peanuts gang on its limited Winter packaging. Three new varieties, White Churro, Colorful Ball and Pon de Choco-ball, will be added to the Misdo Bits lineup.  The festive holiday prices will be 30 pieces for ¥1,155, 18 for ¥653, or t pieces for ¥231. The special-edition Snoopy doughnuts and Winter edition Misdo Bits will be in stores from Nov 13, while the Misdo Snoopy Christmas Sets will only be available from November 25th until December 25th, while stocks last.

01:56 22 May , 2024