Chura Shima Okinawa Century Run 2014 cycle race scheduled

Organizers of the 5th Chura Shima Okinawa Century Run bicycle race announced that the 2014 race will be held Sunday, Jan 19, 2014. The pre-event for the race takes place a day earlier on the 18th (Sat).

The Century Run is a cycling event run on three courses; The Century Course of 160 km with an entry fee of ¥10,000. Participants eligible for the race must be healthy high school students or older. The Kouri Island Sakura Course is 100 km long, and its entry fee is ¥9,000. The course is for participants who are junior high school students or older. And last, the 60-kilometer Sweets Course costs ¥7,500 to participate for cyclists who are elementary school age and older. On the Sweets Course, cyclists can enjoy Okinawa’s beautiful scenery, and a variety of sweets as they proceed through the course. The sign-up deadline is Sat., Nov. 30 for all three courses.

For more information and sign up contact the Chura Shima Okinawa Century Run Executive Committee by telephone at 098-867-2659, or Email at It’s also possible to register on the race homepage at

00:47 28 May , 2024