Direct flights connecting Okinawa and Russia to start in May

Major tour company HIS announced that it has contracted an airline to start direct charter flights between Okinawa and two of Russia’s major cities in the far east, Vladivostok and Khabarovsk.

The once a week round-trip flights are scheduled to start in May 2014 and continue for six months. The flights mark the first ever direct flights between Okinawa and Russia. Each way will be a four-hour trip.

According to HIS Moscow branch manager Satoru Oshitsu, considering the background of Russia’s raw material resources, Russia is economically in a good place, and many of its citizens have cash to spare. Plus, compared to competing countries such as Thailand and Saipan, Naha is 1~4 hours closer.

  • Dea Fera

    That would be awesome!!! I live in Vladivostok and I’d rather go to Okinawa ^_^

01:03 28 May , 2024