Drunk soldier wrecks car, assaults police officer

Okinawa City Police arrested U.S. Army Sergeant Myron Jordan, Saturday, on suspicion of violating traffic laws and obstruction of a police officer performing official duties.

According to police, Jordan crashed into a police patrol car about 8:30 a.m. in Okinawa City’s Nakanomachi area, and immediately took off with police in pursuit. The chase continued at high speed south on route 330 where Jordan lost control on a straight road, and crashed into a utility pole on the sidewalk near Yamazato Intersection totaling his car.  He then got out of the wreck and tried to run away on foot, but was apprehended almost immediately.

When police tried to question Jordan, he became enraged and started to wrestle with the officer. Other officers at the scene then arrested him.

Jordan was administered a breathalyzer test that showed he had four times the legal limit of alcohol in his breath.

According to police, Jordan is denying the charges and claims he has no recollection of the events that led to his arrest.

According to the Okinawa Electric Power Co. the crash destroyed a switchboard causing four houses to lose power. Southbound lanes on the 330 were also closed for about an hour as pieces of Jordan’s car were strewn all over the road.

17:16 17 Apr , 2024