End of year sales start

Okinawa Mitsukoshi was the first of Okinawa’s major department stores to start the annual year-end sales when it announced the opening of its new gift center on the 6th floor of the store, Nov. 20.

For this year’s sale, Mitsukoshi has beefed up their selection of local Okinawan products, including produce procured directly from local farms.

In addition, they will offer for a limited time a 10% off sale of 100 products. Mitsukoshi says its aiming at total sales of ¥233 million on those products.

The selection of Okinawan items has been increased from last year’s 28 to 53 products. Customers whose purchase totals ¥10,000 or more will receive a free original shopping bag.

14:45 29 May , 2024