Gourmet Burger leads to 1st Burger Festival

Ginoza Burgers come in many forms and shapes, and they all are on display and for tasting at the 1st Ginoza Burger Festival, Sunday.

It all began with creation of a Ginoza Burger made with locally produced ingredients, then marketed by the Ginoza Village Tourism Promotion Conference, and now the gourmet burger has spawned the 1st Burger Festival in Ginoza on Sunday.

Car show presents food for eyes at the burger festival.

Five local food businesses in the northern Okinawa village originally teamed to create the Ginoza Burger, a specialty hamburger made with ingredients that satisfy eight conditions that include business origins within the village. The burgers must be sold within Ginoza Village.  Sunday’s festival takes place in front of Matsuda District Experience and Interchange Center in Ginoza, starting at 10 a.m.

The Ginoza village hamburger executive committee will be hosting the first ever in Okinawa hamburger festival. Their advice to visitors: “Be ready to have your taste buds blown away with hamburgers you have never tasted before.”  After eating a Ginoza burger, visitors can also vote and help choose the best burger in Okinawa. Also, while tasting a few burgers, there’s also a chance to enjoy the classic car exhibition being staged at the same location, and local kindergarden children and eisa groups will be among the entertainment offered.

Tuned up motorcycles are also on display.

Kanna Resort Villa (AGUMO Burger), Kanna Thalasso Okinawa (Thalasso Burger), Sumiyakiya-Tempusu (Tempusu Benibuta Burger), Café Asile (Tofu Vegetable Burger) and Tonga (Tonga Jagamen Burger) will all be creating the Ginoza Burger on the handmade product market. Each burger is made using locally grown vegetables produced without pesticides. The shops began selling their product two years ago.

The idea behind developing the Ginoza Burger was residents “wanted to begin selling a local gourmet product that is easy to eat for tourists who come to watch the Hanshin Tigers’ annual spring training camp.” Ginoza Village Tourism Promotion conference began putting together a plan that five makers in Ginoza Village would put the “Ginoza Burger“ through a “Ginoza Life Style” promotion that began at Kanna Resort Villa in Kanna, Ginoza Village.

01:53 28 May , 2024