Hit-and-run accident in Nakagusuku

A Y-plate car making a left turn from Route 329 went over to the opposite lane hitting the car of an Okinawa City resident, and then sped away without stopping at the scene, Saturday evening.

According to Ginowan Police, the turning car apparently made the turn in too high speed causing it to go over to the opposite lane and crash into the other car. The collision left the other car half destroyed and its driver with bruises but no serious injury.

The victim was able to give an accurate description of the vehicle to police officers that came to the scene to investigate, saying “The car was yellow with Y plates, and the driver seemed to be a male foreigner.” He also had written down the register number of the car.

After receiving the report of the accident, Ginowan police alerted patrols to search for the suspect, and the car fitting the description was found on the parking lot of a restaurant. Police spotted two foreign men near the car, and questioned them. They admitted to owning the car.

Ginowan Police is continuing to question the two men, and are looking into the accident as a case of hit-and-run.

02:07 28 May , 2024