Nov. 21 ~ 27


There will be plenty of talk and interaction this weekend and early next week. This offers also a good opportunity to clear air and solve any misunderstanding and disagreement in your relationship once and for all. Although money is going to be an issue this weekend, your situation is going to improve in one way or another over the next few days.


If you would you like to pamper yourself in some way, this weekend would give you a good chance. In general, this is a good time to invest in developing your human relationships and finding new friends. A special encounter this weekend could lead to a confession regarding love, or to your decision to take your existing relationship to a completely new level.


Communication within your circle of friends is working more smoothly than before, and that means that it might be a good time to bring up a subject you have avoided lately. You should tell about your plans and intentions to everyone concerned in order to avoid later misunderstandings. Something that has been dormant for some time is going to show new signs of life.


You should make the best of your chance to expand your circle of friends. But you should not forget your old friends, as one of them might introduce you to an interesting new person. There are plenty of events and occasions you are asked to go that sound pretty boring, but keep in mind that nothing happens if you don’t get off your seat and into the world.


You want to see some action, especially at your work. Pay close attention to details, and be especially careful with anything that involves travel. If you suspect that someone has misunderstood your intentions, it’s better to bring the matter up as soon as possible. Your aura is very attractive and smile irresistible for some days to come, so use it to your best advantage.


It’s easy for you to attract other people’s attention just now. You can expect especially romantic and peaceful weekend that is bringing your best to the limelight, and you can succeed in almost anything you set our sights on. Money matters require your attention, as there’s a change to earn some extra cash, and that would be very welcome, indeed.


No doubt you want to say and do everything right both at home and work. Allow yourself enough time to thing everything through before setting yourself into action. Would you like to ask someone an especially important and romantic question? Don’t be shy lest you lose a fine romantic moment that is waiting for you right around the corner. Just be brave and go ahead.


Try to bring yourself closer to people with whom you live and work. Use your natural attractiveness and empathy to show how you really feel and think about them. Spending some time with your family would bring much joy and happiness into your life. And you should be completely honest with your new acquaintance as that would make a good impression to that person.


Why would you wait for the New Year to make some good decisions? You could as well begin your intended regimen of exercise and healthier diet from today. Maybe you have been too busy to remember how important it is to take care of your body. You should learn that you could do what you want and just when you want. There’s no need for artificial schedules and deadlines.


Knowledge is power at this time. When someone presents you with a question, find out in as much detail as possible about the subject before rendering your final answer. If you would like to have a romantic weekend, you should start thinking a special schedule and place to go for you and your lover. Planning ahead pays off in matters of heart at this time.


Do you feel like your workload is drowning you, and there’s no way to find enough time to do everything? The answer is to let others to take care of a part of your workload. It seems that one of your goals is to please others. It would be better if you would sometimes concentrate only on making yourself happy. Sometimes people can be very ingrate and inconsiderate.


Surprises at this time seem to involve romance and expectations. Maybe you are a little out of sync regarding those. Just now Venus is not in very positive aspect regarding your zodiac, so chances are that you have some talking to do. Try to be honest and talk everything through so you two can have a chance to return to your loving and romantic atmosphere you enjoyed before.

01:41 22 May , 2024