Ishigaki archaeological excavation unearths parts of human skull

Okinawa Archaeological Research Center that has been conducting an excavation at Shiraho Saone Tabaru Cave on Ishigaki Island announced Oct. 29 that they have discovered fragments of a human skull from the site.

The excavation in the cave started on Oct. 7, and the newly discovered skull fragments are estimated to date back some 1,600 to 1,800 years based on the geological stratum they were located.

Past excavations on the site have yielded an upper jaw and occipital bones, and with the new pieces researchers are hoping to be able to reconstruct an actual face of humans that lived in the area at the time.

They also hope to unearth additional skull and other parts of human bones and get more accurate information on people who inhabited the island in the past.

The Okinawa Archaeological Research Center is analyzing the finds and is preparing to issue a report on their research on Dec. 1.

21:24 24 Jun , 2024