Marine arrested for speeding, driving under influence

A U.S. Marine was nabbed by a police patrol for speeding on Okinawa Expressway near Ishikawa exit, Nov. 27, and then found to be drunk to boot.

According to Okinawa Traffic Police, Cpl. Jarold Smith was driving 112 kph on the expressway where the speed limit is 80 kph. When the police questioned Smith after he was stopped they noticed strong smell of alcohol, and administered a breathalyzer test that showed Smith had four times the legal limit of alcohol in his breath, and he was arrested on suspicion of driving under influence.

The suspect acknowledged the speeding but denied driving under the influence saying, “I drank wine but I am sure alcohol isn’t in my system any more.”

  • shintoshin

    There’s nobody named Jarold Smith in the Marine Corps. So this report is not correct.

    • BlahJU

      Could have been a typo. These articles are translated from Japanese wire services and names can get messed up from the translation to Japanese and then back to English. There is a Cpl Jarrod Smith stationed at Camp Hansen…perhaps that’s who “Jarold” is.

  • Tom Denk

    so I guess you know everyone in person… Mr. Elephantbrain

    • Huffington

      It’s called MOL and global dumbass.

  • Huffington

    Ironically after searching his name I found that he’s joined a group called “Marines against tours in Japan”. I love irony so much it makes my heart swell with pride.

    • Huffington

      He will never have to worry about a tour to Japan ever again since he’ll be spending the rest of his life working at grocery stores stocking shelves.

23:35 25 Jun , 2024