Number of juveniles given guidance on alcohol increases

At a meeting held at the Okinawa Prefecture Police Department Juvenile Division, Tuesday, officials conceded that the count of under-age children found in need of guidance towards alcohol this year was up to 1,659, which is 502 more than last year.

For example in October, there were incidents involving intoxicated juveniles, in which one fell from the 5th floor of an apartment building, and in another incident the police had to make an arrest because drunk juveniles were obstructing police officers in performing their public duty.

The police had convened the meeting with merchants who deal with liquor, and representatives from the Education Bureau before the end of the year season begins, and reminded them to be thorough in confirming identifications in case a suspected minor tries to purchase alcohol.

Although according to the police department, the majority of time these youngsters obtain alcohol from their homes, the second largest source is purchases at convenience stores and supermarkets. The third source is using an adult proxy.

00:15 21 May , 2024