OCVB urges expanding translation services and WiFi access on Okinawa

The Okinawa Convention & Visitors Bureau (OCVB) are asking Okinawan businesses to make their best efforts to prepare receiving visitors from abroad by expanding their WiFi access points, and translate menus and other pamphlets and documents that help tourists to get necessary information.

This project started in 2012. So far the total of count of tourist sites and restaurants that have requested translations for brochures or menus has been 64 whil 154 WiFi access points have been installed.

However, this year there have only been 45 translation requests and 32 for WiFi installations. An OCVB representative emphasizes, “Foreign language correspondence and internet access for customers must be dealt with immediately. Further action needs to be taken towards this project.”

In a tourist satisfaction survey that the prefecture conducted in 2012, the language barrier was found to be the biggest complaint among foreign visitors, followed by the lack of WiFi access. OCVB is offering a grant to businesses that need translation assistance or want to install WiFi in their premises.

The bureau continues to accept applications until February 28th, 2014. For more information contact OCVB 098-859-6130.

00:50 21 May , 2024