Okinawa-brand pork and beef popular

Okinawa District Customs Office announced that the export value of pork from Okinawa to Hong Kong and other Asia countries has increased by 20 percent from last year to a total of ¥28 million.

Okinawa-brand beef exports increased 5 and half times from previous year to a total of ¥22 million.

The Okinawa-brand pork and beef, mostly “Aguu Pork” and “Ishigaki Beef,” have been strongly promoted throughout Asia, especially in Hong Kong, focusing on its reputation of high quality.

Okinawa started exporting pork meat throughout Asia in ’05. From ’07 the volume has continued to rise. Hong Kong is the biggest market with of 81.2% of total finding its way to buyers there, followed by Singapore 15.4%, Macao 1.7% and Cambodia 1.7%.

For beef, Hong Kong has been the biggest market as well with 73.2% of Okinawan exported beef ending up on plates in Hong Kong. Singapore has a 26.8% share.

According to the Okinawa District Customs Department, this could be a result of the increasing number of tourists from those areas who visit the prefecture placing Okinawa and its products on the map.

00:37 21 May , 2024