Okinawa City IT Plaza upgrades to 3DCG

The Okinawa City IT Work Plaza, an Okinawa City owned AV studio in Awase that is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, have upgraded their equipment to the latest motion caption system.

To mark the occasion, the Plaza held an event Sunday, to give visitors a taste of what their latest equipment is capable of.

Their new system features the latest technology of 3D computer graphics (CG) for making movies and animation, and in the near future the technology is expected to do wonders also in the medical and sports fields.

Okinawa City has the largest studio in Okinawa that has this equipment, which captures human movements. With the upgrade, the number of cameras in the facility was increased to 32 and resolution capacity to 16 million pixels.

Introducing the latest equipment Okinawa City Deputy Mayor Yoshinori Shimabukuro stated, “This upgrade is of a great significance for human resources development and job creation.”

19:07 17 Apr , 2024