People failing to buckle up while on back seats

A law requiring passengers to use seat belts on the back seat in cars has been in the books since 2008. However, although the law has been in force for five years, it seems that the public has not got the message.

A survey conducted earlier this year found that only 35 percent of people riding on car back seats had the belts buckled. The figure rose to about double when riding on the expressway.

Hokkaido had the lowest percentage of users on normal roads with only a 19.3% of passengers following the rule, Saga and Okinawa prefectures on the second and third place did not fare much better with only 22%, buckling up. And when it came to traveling on the expressway, Okinawa was the dead last with only 32.4% of back seat passengers wearing seat belts.

Police reminds people that when caught driving on the expressway with passengers not wearing seatbelts, the driver will be given a penalty.

  • shintoshin

    Somebody help me understand this. The government is concerned about people sitting in the back seat not buckling up now, but they have done nothing to educate or even stop Okinawans from allowing their kids romp around the car? I can’t tell you how many times i’ve seen people holding babies in the front seat. The irony is that they are buckled in the front.

18:22 17 Apr , 2024