Sales of Okinawa-made Kariyushi shirts rise to 400,000

The production of Okinawan Kariyushi shirts is on a roll.

According to the Okinawa Clothing Sewing Association, a total of 398,413 Kariyushi shirts were shipped from makers between January and October this year marking the highest volume in 13 years. The association officials think the reason for the increase might be that Kariyushi shirts have become popular in Okinawan work places.

In 2004, the total number of shirts distributed was 300,000 but by ’07 the number decreased to 268,000. According to Hideyuki Oshiro, the president of sewing company Nisshin Corporation located in Itoman City, the production of Kariyushi shirts has risen 20% in these 13 years. He adds that while maintaining these numbers in Okinawa, the sales to mainland Japanese companies are also going smoothly.

17:13 21 Apr , 2024