Surfers wax boards for Sunday competition

Itoman Mayor’s Cup surfing contest is the only officially endorsed surfing event on Okinawa.

Surf’s up off the Komesu Coast in Itoman, just in time for this weekend’s 12th annual Itoman Mayor’s Cup Surfing Contest.

Surfing is a very popular sport on Okinawa, with hordes of surfers seen floating off the shores waiting for the big wave off the coasts of Okinawa, especially after storms, and this Sunday is their chance to show off in Itoman City.  The event is taking place off the Komesu coast in Itoman City, being called the only “Mayor’s Cup” surfing contest on the island, meaning that the event is officially endorsed.

Competition is limited to a total of 120 surfers, divided into different classes; 20 participants for the A Class, 20 for B Class and 20 for C Class, while the Men’s class for men 20 years of age and over can take 15 participants, and the Ladies’ Class has space for 10.  The Master Class, for surfers 40 years old and over, and long board A and B Class each have places for 10 participants. Entries to compete in the contest start at 8:30 a.m. Sunday, on the shore of the surfing area.  The entry fee is ¥5,000.

Spectators can watch the contest for free, and can expect to see stunning skills the best surfers have to show as they take control of the waves on their boards. Although Okinawa is no Hawaii, surfers here show plenty of spirit when battling for the Itoman Mayor’s Cup.

20:03 16 Apr , 2024