U.S. airman arrested for drunk driving

Okinawa City Police arrested 22-year-old Senior Airman on suspicion of driving under influence in Kitanakagusuku, Sunday morning.

According to police, 22-year-old SrA Christopher Hardy who’s assigned to the 18th Wing Medical Squadron was swerving on the opposite lane and causing a minor collision with a taxicab. No one was injured in the collision.

A police patrol arriving at the scene administered a breathalyzer test to Hardy that showed he had five times the legal limit of alcohol in his breath. When questioned, Hardy reportedly stated that he “didn’t think I had still alcohol left in my system from drinking the night before.”

  • brandon

    so he’s a lance corporal senior airman????? lol what

    • CarbonRyda

      SrA is an E-4

      • BlahJU

        The article has been edited. It originally labeled him a LCpl in the first paragraph and then a SrA in the second.

        • CarbonRyda

          Well his rank will be CIV in a few weeks.

          • salvaion

            Hell be whatever the press wants him to be. Just stay out of the way!!

  • salvaion

    Stop giving so many military people license around here! I blame it on Kadena; the general practice on that base is that when you check in–regardless of rank– the first thing people do is go get a car. On the Marine bases though it is not as easy to obtain a license; it has to be a requirement. Here is a good solution that will cut DUI down a huge amount: Give licenses to only those who are accompanied in Okinawa and to those unaccompanied, restrict it to E-7 and above. Think about it; the more you have to lose (family, career) the less likely you are to hop in your car after a few beers or with a morning hangover.

    • salvaion

      And i totally reject the few exceptions to my point. Generally it’s young men E-6 and below which are committing the offenses.

      • CarbonRyda

        It has nothing to do with rank. Having a higher rank grade does not reduce the problem of drinking and driving on Okinawa. It’s about being responsible and having a plan when you decide to go out and have a few drinks. As you can see, this individual had no plan and has probably been getting away with this for a long time and he finally got caught. You can’t fix stupid, you can only make an example out of him.

  • john doe

    Salvaion is a hater he proably is a Marine, who has to walk himself every were. Although you are generally right about the E6 it is unreasonable to punish everyone for the few. Drinking and driving is not a E6 and below issue it is a global issue. Some people are just stupid and think they can get away with it intill they get caught. Good thing he did.

21:28 24 Jun , 2024