Urasoe fireman arrested for break-in, theft

Okinawa City Police arrested a 39-year-old Urasoe City Fire Department fireman, Sunday, on suspicion of breaking into a female acquaintance’s apartment, and stealing a towel.

According to Okinawa City Police, Shin Yonaha is suspected of breaking into the 20-yea-old woman’s apartment Saturday evening while the woman was not home, and staying in the place until following afternoon, and taking a towel with him when he left.

The police are grilling Yonaha to determine his motive.

According to Urasoe City Fire Department, the suspect was off duty on the day of the incident. A department spokesman said that Yonaha had had no problems at work prior to this incident.

Urasoe Fire Department held a press conference, Monday, where Fire Department Chief Koichi Maezato and Urasoe General Affairs Division Director Shinobu China said, “We deeply apologize to the victim and Urasoe citizens. Once we know the full details we will decide how to deal with this matter.”

21:29 24 Jun , 2024