Airline ticket sales on roll for New Year travel

Sales of airline tickets for the Year-end holidays are on a roll. This is the first time in nine years when most people can have up to nine days for the holiday.

The expansion of airline routes, the entry of LCCs (Low Cost Carrier) to the market, an increase in the number of flights and the first uptick in years of the year end bonuses for salaried workers, have all resulted in high demand of overseas and domestic travel.

According to Okinawa Tourist Service Inc. spokesman, compared to last year, sales have risen 2~3%. Specifically, tickets and tours to destinations within Japan have risen 2%. He adds that 20 of their year-end travel packages, were sold out by mid December.

The most popular are tours lasting four nights and three days to visit hot-springs and countdowns at theme parks.

17:34 15 Jun , 2024