ANA to add more cargo flights through Naha

All Nippon Airways announced a plan to increase international cargo flights routed through the Naha Airport that earlier this year became the hub for ANA cargo routes between Japan and Southeast Asian airports.

According to company officials, ANA will launch one-way cargo flights from Tsingtao, China, starting Jan. 1, and from Guangzhou, China, Mar. 5. Cargo flights between Naha and Singapore are scheduled to begin in May.

The advantage of Naha, according to ANA officials, is that it’s faster to bring cargo into Japan from Southeast Asian countries through Naha than fly it to the mainland and then divide to destinations in Japan.

The advantage is even bigger when moving cargo between Asian destinations, as before they have had to bring the shipments to Narita or other international airports in the mainland, and then fly them back to their destinations in Asia. Bringing them to Naha instead cuts several hours from the transit time as Naha is much closer to southeast Asia.

Once the new routes are started, ANA will have 12 Asian destinations connected to Okinawa.

17:56 15 Jun , 2024