Christmas season arrives at Okinawa

Okinawa DFS in Omoromachi, Naha City held the lighting ceremony of the DFS Christmas tree Nov. 30. The tree is placed in the gallery and is 12 meters tall.

DFS Representative Director David Aitken greeted, “We hope the tree is appreciated and seen by as many people as possible, and hope everyone has a great Christmas.”

Also on Dec.1, at Kariyushi Okinawa Beach Resort in Onna village, the illumination event “Kariyushi Million Fantasy” was switched on. The illumination covers the hotel’s main building and surroundings. At the lighting ceremony hotel General Manager Kei Chinen expressed his hopes, “We hope to make this a great event, and have as many people as possible to come and enjoy it.”

  • Bill Anderson

    Lots of changes on Okinawa since I was stationed @ Kadena during the Korean conflict. Those were the days of the B 29.

15:50 15 Jun , 2024