Customer successfully sues Mos Burger for defamation

A regular customer in one of Okinawa’s Mos Burger fast food shops, sued Mos Burger for five million yen after being called a “stalker” by the staff, bringing the customer disgrace.

The Tokyo Supreme Court agreed with the victim, although not with the proper amount for the anguish, and ordered Mos Burger to pay ¥100,000 in compensation.

According to the verdict, the victim had become friends with one of the female workers, and would go out with her for dinners. After a time, the victim learned that the staff at the shop called him a stalker, and protested to the store manager. The manager apologized.

Handing out the verdict, Judge Takashi Otake pointed out, “The manager knew his employees were referring the customer as a stalker, and did nothing about the situation, which showed poor leadership.”

08:32 30 May , 2024