Fraudster calls disguised as police to get banking info

Since Dec. 12, citizens in various parts of Okinawa Island have reportedly received phone calls from someone who claims to be from Okinawa Prefectural Police. Sixteen people have contacted police to report receiving such a phone call.

According to report, after introducing himself the man then proceeds to inform, “We have caught a suspect in a remittance fraud case, and found a bankbook with your name on it.” Next, he tells people to expect another call from someone with the Okinawa Banking Association, who is going to verify the banking information in the book, including the account number and PIN code.

So far no one has fallen for the fraud but Okinawa Prefectural Police want emphasize that “Police will never make phone calls to citizens telling them they will receive a phone call from a financial association.”

05:28 30 May , 2024