Dec. 12 ~ 18


As the days go by, the excitement gets thicker. Is it because of approaching holidays, or is it romance in the air? You have a very good chance to meet a truly interesting person. But that something could happen at all, you have to get out of your house, meet as many people as possible and enjoy your life to the fullest. You need to free your thoughts from everyday routines.


Do not let some small setbacks spoil your generally good mood as this is the start of a more energetic and exciting period. Many people are offering their help to you, and moments spent together with those who are the dearest bring joy into your life. This time you can get more out of activities done in a group than meetings by just the two of you. One of your suspicions is right on the spot.


This weekend is not going to be one of the quietest in your life, so a little planning ahead should be in order. Feelings and emotion are running hot, both in positive and negative sense. Any disagreement with your partner is eventually going to end amicably because of the strong influence of planet Venus. Try to understand the situation even if it’s not easy,


Are there some people who are trying to manipulate you? You have to think carefully what you want your future to be, and then stick with your plan. It’s about time that those other people accommodate you. This weekend your can expect fire and passion in your intimate relationship. You can even expect a passionate proposal, if you are in the company of the right person.


There’s plenty to do at work right now, and you have to make sure that the rest of your team do their part. There’s a possibility that you are used to take care of everything yourself. If you are planning to have a party over the weekend, pay even closer than usual attention to whom you invite. There could be a real danger of personality conflicts if you are not careful.


The weekend seems to be quiet at first, but as soon as it starts, you have your hands full of things to do. You should not hesitate, though. The sooner you get started, the better, as there’s an advantage to be the first to get organized. Your social life is going to be busy, and that means plenty of interesting people to meet. It’s a very good opportunity to have a good time.


Don’t let money problems to spoil your weekend. Instead of going out for a party, start the festival season by inviting friends to your house. This weekend promises to be a passionate one, and this could find you unprepared. The surprise could then lead to a completely unexpected situation, and the question arises; Now what? You must trust in your feelings with this.


It’s going to be a busy weekend, and you may worry that you don’t have enough tine to take care of everything you need to do. By trusting other people to help you, you will notice that sometimes you can get help without having to pay back later. We all are dependent of each other to some degree, and that’s the natural way a society works. Just try to understand the situation.


You have taken care of your money better than before and aid attention to your spending, so your finances should be in a better shape than before. But helping other may have taken too much of your time. You should try to dedicate this week only to yourself. Take care o yourself and make time only for things you like and care about. Try to find some new experiences.


It could be a real eye opener if you give other more of yourself. There are always those who want to boss around but overall, you can only win. Think something meaningful to do this weekend. Maybe volunteering could be a refreshing experience. If you go out shopping try to avoid places where there are hundreds of other shoppers as your patience at this time is not at its best.


Do you want to spend some quality time with your partner? This weekend could be the best time you can have together for a while before the year-end party season really kicks in. Planet Venus is now in an angle that it just pushes romance to your way. If you are planning to take time off over the New Year holidays, the time to start planning is almost past.


Sometimes you small weaknesses worry you as you would like to be perfect. You must realize that most of us do not want to be in the company of a perfect person all the time. You have to learn to accept others as they are and realize that after all you are not any different. Your personal affairs are in order because you are responsible, and know how to enjoy small moments in your life.


05:58 30 May , 2024