Dec. 19 ~ 25


It seems like everyone wants to have some of your time and attention this weekend, although that should not be a big problem considering your level of energy that your get from planet Jupiter. If you have trouble deciding what to buy for presents to your friends and family, don’t worry. Early nest week everything is going to become clear, and you can easily find what you want.


Although you project an image of self-confidence, you may feel the exact opposite inside. It is only natural to have a soft spot in regards of certain personal matters. Maybe you could open up to an older relative you trust. You are going to receive an invitation that might not be exactly what you had hoped for, but it’s very possible that it all ends up with a very pleasant surprise.


Something that your have expected for a long time is going to lift up your mood considerably. Some people close to your are going to make an invitation that you simply can’t ignore, but you should think very carefully who you are going to ask to company you. Would this meeting with your friends advance the relationship between you two? And do you really wan that to happen?


You have many reasons to be optimistic this time. Unexpected encounters with people you haven’t even though much about could help you to open up your mind, so why no seek something out of ordinary. You just might meet someone who could change your life for the better. The main point is to be brave. There’s always a new day that can change everything for the better.


Do you feel that many people have given you a helping hand lately. You should thank them by helping them whenever you get a chance. Being together with as many friends as possible will greatly change your attitude towards your life in general. This weekend you can expect to have some memorable and romantic moments that are well worth waiting for.


You will notice over the weekend that many people really appreciate your friendship very much, and you really need this kind of encouragement from time to time. Although everything is going smoothly at work, matters of heart are in need of your attention. Be patient. Make clear what your goal and wishes are, and you will see results sooner than you had thought.


Although you have made your intentions clear to your partner, results are still very much up in the air. Maybe you have to repeat yourself to make sure that the message becomes clear. If some people turn to be difficult and cause problems, a few strong words in the right place and right time should do the trick. You have to keep your future in mind as that’s something you can influence.


This weekend you are in a kind of a sensitive mood and that could bring to the forefront something that has troubled you for some time. This is a good time to resolve mysteries, and bring some light to the past. If you feel unhappy about something that has happened recently, you should talk to your friends about it, and then leave it behind. There’s nothing to regret.


Some comments made at your birthday party have been stuck in your mind, and the problem is that you really don’t understand it at all. An open discussion with everyone involved could clear the air. There’s an idea proposed by your partner that you don’t agree at all, and you think is outright dumb. But are you sure? Maybe there’s something positive in it.


Are you considering whether you should ask a certain question or make a request? You should go ahead and say it aloud because waiting does not make the answer any better. In any case, you have to make clear to everyone what you really want. Maybe communicating with someone special has been a challenge, but you have to take the bull by the horns, and make the first move.


Just when you didn’t expect it, a little romance is walking through your door. Being surprised could cause you to give a wrong answer. You have to give yourself time to think, but don’t think too long or the opportunity could disappear. Someone is expecting your decision on the year end holidays, You have to be clear about your position, but some flexibility is also necessary.


Someone is going to give you an idea, and even if you don’t find it useful just now, you should not discard it right away but store in your mind for the future. When you make yourself available for people around you, you get a very good idea about their character. Help them to find the right direction by being open and honest. And if they need a real friend they will find one in you.

05:13 17 Apr , 2024