Dec. 26 ~ Jan 1


Many Arieses could have started questioning their close relationships over the holidays, and the reason is either boredom or finances. As much as possible, try to avoid being one of them. When you plan your life ahead, you can avoid stress and you will find your life more interesting and quite inspiring. Stress about Christmas holidays is another factor. Keep a keen eye on your feelings.


Sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labors. Make time to contact old friends and family members over the New Year. This is the time when you really can live your dream, and especially the romantic side comes to the forefront. Try to get your partner on the same wavelength as this is very special time in your life. This time is going to be something to remember for the rest of your life.


There are many changes taking place around you and finding a new balance in your life is going to take time. Luckily you are mature enough not to be restless. You finances are also easier to balance when you are in peace with yourself. Seeking the company of people who are different age than you could lift your spirits remarkably. You can also expect a good response to your romantic ideas.


If you are looking for excitement into your life, you better be careful. You could end up in a new relationship that is not positive. You need someone who can help you, not a needle under your skin. If you are in a steady relationship, you should come up with something special to show your appreciation. Give yourself time and peace to discover your true feelings while not forgetting to use your brain.


You can expect some very pleasant challenges ahead now that Christmas is over. You can expect to meet a whole lot of new people, both during your free time and at work, with whom you can experience some important moments. There’s someone special whose words are more than wise. It would pay to listen carefully, regardless what your own feelings concerning this person are.


You are about to discover something exciting. You have felt that your life is lacking something, and now you have decided to figure it out. It could be a new intimate relationship if you are single, or if you are in a steady relationship, it could reach a new level of intimacy. You should hold firmly to your dreams as having a successful and satisfying relationship requires much work.


Your inspiring character is a magnet to others, and the coming year will be full of laughter and happy people. Many of those around you want to share a part of your time, especially members of your extended family. But remember to arrange for some time of your own in order to rest and relax. There’s someone you would like to be with you, but who is not. Make sure to get together as soon as possible.


Maybe this is not the best time to stop and ponder the meaning of your life, but you should try to stop and figure out what you really want. People come and go, and it’s not always easy for you to understand their point of view. Instead of paying so much attention to them, you should concentrate on your own future and reaching your own dreams. And don’t let anyone walk over you.


There are many people who fail to see how your recent moves could be productive, but there are many ways to success. By following your own ideas you make sure that you are most satisfied. You should actually decide not to listen to negative comments from others. You are free when you are your own self. Pay more attention to your lover, though, as he or she is the most important person in your life.


Meeting a new person could change your way of watching the world. You should ask the advice of an older relative regarding money and your health. Remember that you can always clear the money problems, but the same is not true concerning your health. Something that is not easy to pinpoint is pushing you ahead. You have managed to do something right and the reward is coming.


Try to spend more time with people who share the same interests with you. It’s easier to get closer to those around you if you stop to think about their feelings sometimes. You are longing after someone in a very special way, but you have to wait until after the New Year. It’s not necessarily about love or infatuation even, but something completely different. The time will tell you.


The New Year looks to become a little quiet, but you will get up to speed eventually. There’s some situation that has not been resolved. You should not let it keep you back, but look ahead instead. You should live in this day, and think about tomorrow, not what took place yesterday. You have a tendency to live your life too much through someone else’s, and that’s got to change.

01:22 22 May , 2024