Kijimuna Festa suspended

The Okinawa City Council decided in its regular December meeting, Dec. 12, to suspend next year’s Kijimuna Fest.

The Kijimuna Festa officially started in 2005 as a city wide event of performing arts. It invited performers of theater, music and other arts from countries worldwide aiming to promote cultural exchanges across borders and languages. The annual event has been held in July.

The city council considered the fact that the event’s general producer and administration group’s representative has been the same person, and regarded that as a problem. Also, the use funds has been opaque, and this person holds all the rights of the trademark of the Kijimuna Festa, which the council sees posing another problem.

At the meeting, Mayor Mitsuko Tomon stated, “For the festa’s further development, we have to stop, summarize and clarify the event contents. Therefore, next years’ Kijimuna Festa will not be held.” No decision has been made when, or if, the event would eventually restart.

00:27 31 May , 2024