Sachito Higa wins 2nd place at International Harmonica Festival

28-year-old Okinawa chromatic harmonica player Sachito Higa won the 2nd place in the World Harmonica Festival in Germany in October.

This tournament takes place once in every four years, and is the event than attracts the world’s greatest harmonica players to compete. Higa participated in the 2005 tournament and won the 2nd place then, too.

The competition was held from Oct. 30th through Nov. 3rd. The set piece was one from a modern composer, and is considered an extremely difficult piece to play. The judges praised Higa for his beautiful tone quality, but he was not satisfied with his performance himself.

Higa will perform as a guest for the Ryukyu Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra “io” Concert #3 at the Palette Civic Theater on Dec. 25th starting 7 p.m.

06:12 30 May , 2024