Two Americans arrested for possession of ammunition

Two Americans find themselves in police custody after Naha Airport officials discovered live ammunition in their luggage in two separate incidents.

Tomigusuku Police arrested 26-year-old U.S. Marine Sergeant Mark Richter for possession of ammunition, Dec. 21.

According to police, Richter told he had just returned from a visit to his country, and had forgotten he had placed the rounds in the pockets of his clothing when he was packing back home before his flight to Okinawa.

Richter was arrested at Naha Airport domestic flights baggage claim, where he was found to have six rifle cartridges in the pockets of clothing inside his luggage.

On the very next day, Dec. 22nd, Tomigusuku Police arrested a 61-year-old U.S. citizen Nelson Stain for possessing two rifle rounds. He was also arrested at Naha Airport domestic flights baggage claim.

According to police, the suspect told when questioned he was visiting Okinawa to see his son, and was on his way back home.

  • richard_b_hard

    What was in the rifle cartridges???
    if there were no rounds then it was just rifle cartridges which can be purchased legally a any surplus store?

  • Steve

    If this story is true and I am not saying it is or isn’t, I find it odd that these items were able to make it through both US and Mainland Japan airline security without detection since both countries airline security is much more security conscious.

  • Steve

    Another thing…if he was in baggage claim when he was arrested which is only for arrivals….how could he be on his way back home after visiting Okinawa?

01:53 22 May , 2024