Woman fatally crashes into light pole in Motobu

A woman was killed when she crashed her car into a street light pole on Route 84 in Motobu, Thursday evening. Another woman on the passenger seat was severely injured.

According to Motobu Police, 64-year-old cleaning company employee Yoneko Yamashiro drove her car straight across a T-intersection hitting a street light pole. Yamashiro, and another 66-year-old woman who had been on the passenger seat, were taken to a hospital where Yamashiro was pronounced dead an hour and half later. The other woman’s injuries, though severe, are not life threatening.

Police investigating the accident say before the vehicle hit the streetlight, it rode on the curb and destroyed some guard rail pipes before crashing into the pole. Police continue investigating the cause of the accident.

01:26 31 May , 2024