Camp Kinser to open gates in case of natural disasters

Urasoe City Mayor Tetsuji Matsumoto and Maj. Gen, Charles L. Hudson, the commanding general of U.S. Marine Corps Installations Pacific and Marine Corps Base Camp Smedley D. Butler, signed a local implementation agreement, Jan. 17, that allows the residents of Urasoe City a direct passage to a higher ground or shelter through Camp Kinser in case of a natural disaster such as a tsunami.

In case of a tsunami occurs, four of Camp Kinser’s gates, Minatogawa, Gusukuma, Owan and Nakashini, will be opened so the residents would be able to evacuate to higher ground through Camp Kinser. According to the US Marine Corps, Urasoe is the third municipality on Okinawa to have a treaty allowing base access in case of a natural disaster,  Ginowan was the first city to sign such treaty, and the second was Chatan town.

22:40 22 Jul , 2024