Jan 2 ~ 8


As the year is new, you should take a firm look at your New Year promises with an eye on really keeping them this time. An unexpected visitor is going to show up in the near future, but that’s actually offering you a welcome change of pace. But you should not forget the rest of your family and friends. You are going to have a good time, but don’t get too excited and overdo it.


Don’t worry, you are not going to fall off from the drivers’s seat in your life. If you trust on your abilities and show it, others around you do so, too. Although your bank account may be low after all the spending over the holidays, some relief is on the way early this month. Some of your friends also have certain plans for you that are intended to come as a surprise.


You would be well advised to start the year slowly, and take a rest from your daily routines as much as possible. There’s something that has taken your time and attention more than it should have, and now you should put it away from your mind. You should also keep your feelings more to yourself, as there is a big possibility that you could cause a conflict in your circles if you don’t watch out.


You could find yourself facing a problem that may embarrass you quite a bit. Luckily there’s a friend near by who can help you. During this weekend lady luck is smiling at you and a windfall of some sort could help you to balance your budget. Someone is trying to stir up some problems, but you can clear the air quite easily, but you must be ready for a compromise.


This time is would be easy for you to get involved in a fight. You should keep your head cool and avoid people who you know will cause a conflict. Seek companionship of friends and other people you know and trust. You should concentrate on trying to create harmony in your relationships, and besides, that would also make you feel much better yourself.


Do not burden yourself with too many tasks at once at the beginning of the year. You should learn how to relegate and use your team for better results. You should remember that when it comes to romance and love, it takes two people to play. One of your friends needs your help, but you must first get that person to open up, so you know what is actually needed before you can help.


If you could stop looking for problems all the time, and concentrated on solutions instead, everyone would feel much better. Do not let your feelings steer your decisions, as that could become very expensive. You can expect to get a message that will take you by surprise. The best way to work this through is to take time and think it thoroughly before making any decision.


Your life has come to a fork, and you don’t know which way to take. You must trust on your own intuition when making the decision. You could also get some unexpected money that really comes at the right time. Regarding your love life, you should close your eyes on small details that you don’t like in your lover, and let both of you relax instead. Life is better that way.


This is not a good time to worry about things that are related to past events. There’s nothing you can possibly do to change them, so why not concentrate on the present and your future. There’s a person whose behavior and constant gossiping really bothers you. You must face this person soon and have straight talk about the problem. Maybe the person does not even realize it hurts you.


Do not stretch yourself too thin when an interesting offer comes your way within a couple of weeks. Remember that there’s only so much time in each day. To comply with the offer may also take more effort than you are willing to expend. Make sure that you have made all your plans carefully, as in this case it would not be very nice to tumble into some big surprise.


Of course your private life takes priority, but you should finish everything you have promised. There are other people who depend on you. You will have a chance to make some extra money in the near future. Do not forget what’s the most important thing in your life, and for sure, it’s not the leftovers from the holidays that still remain in your fridge. Focus on your lover more than ever.


You are like a fish in a river in your job, and there are no problems in sight and everything seems possible with the sky as the limit. Money comes with the success, and you should finally be able to treat your family and friends the way you have always wanted. Bu avoid wasting your time and energy on people who are not worth it. You have not earned a millstone to drag behind you.

01:36 21 May , 2024