Jan 9 ~ 15


You should make the best of the time you can spend with those closest to you. You should also concentrate on things that you really enjoy. Pay attention to proposals that concern your future, but at the same time, be ready to answer a firm no to those plans that you really don’t want any part of. But you can still be considerate and avoid hurting people’s feelings unnecessarily.


Positive atmosphere all around will put a smile on your face and gives you encouragement as the new year gets on the way. There could be an invitation to a completely new place this weekend, and that could lead you to a real adventure. This time you are in luck and you should make the best of this opportunity to make a move that could be the key to your future happiness.


Someone is going to make a comment that will intrigue your curiosity. But before your imagination stars galloping all over the place you should ask a few questions to make the situation clear, especially to yourself. Try to organize something exiting for the weekend. A romance is by no means out of question. An open mind could lead to a special meeting that can change your life.


It is a small surprise that you are able to think clearly among all the exciting things that are taking place all around you. But there is something you would like very much to continue that keeps coming into you mind. You have to organize your schedule in order to advance your plans. And do not forget the support you can get from your family and friends. Be not afraid to ask.


Human relationships are as important to you as success. That’s the reason you want to remove all obstacles that are hindering your communication with other people. Paying attention to only one person could be seen as a romantic gesture by others, but you have to ask yourself, are you even interested or ready for a romance at this time. You must be honest to yourself.


Although you enjoy the company of your family and friends, that is no match to the feeling of closeness that could be in store for you in the coming weeks. You can expect to hear comments over the weekend that will encourage you to take bigger challenges in the future. Maybe this is the way to make you more adventurous and brave, and make you live your life fuller and more satisfying.


You have a natural tendency help people and that trait is coming to the fore this weekend. Also, people around you will begin to appreciate everything that you do to help and encourage them. It is easy to keep on loving when you really want to do it. But because your time is in demand, you should take time off during the weekend and try to rest and relax just for the sake of yourself.


You want to make the life comfortable for yourself and others, and that could lead to a problem as you can succeed in your pursuit so well that the people don’t want to leave when it’s time to go! There’s someone special close to you who really appreciates your caring. Even if you really don’t want to make an impact you do, and the question is, do you want to inspire hope in your admirer.


Do not try to do everything yourself at home, but let others to do their share. Although some younger members in your household could object to this, in the end it only increases their confidence. You could be in for an unexpected romance, so you should be on your toes. But remember that what is past is past, and not worth pondering. The future is what counts, and you can make an impact on that.


Romance is in the air and seems to be everywhere. If you want your share of the romance, you must make sure that you are in the right place. You will have a chance this weekend to meet people who could become your long lasting friends or more. You have to be flexible with your schedule. You also might be in for a surprise comments from someone who has thought about you for a long time.


You should keep an eye on a certain person who is very interested in you. It is also likely that you would like to know this person better. Also, you will find out that you need more time for yourself sometimes. Moments spent alone with your own thoughts would let you understand the reality better. You would also learn to be more thankful of the good moments in your life.


Changes over the past few weeks help you to appreciate more peaceful weeks ahead. At the same time you will discover what you want to do next, and who would have a part in your plans. That person could be right next to you without you even realizing it until now. An open mind would help you to find a special happiness that is right around the corner waiting for you.

09:16 18 Jun , 2024